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Buy German Drivers License online | Führerschein kaufen

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Grab your German driver’s license| Führerschein kaufen

These days, you can hardly imagine your life without a driver’s license. This document not only allows you to operate a vehicle but also provides you with access to almost everywhere. In most cases, your driving license serves as a passport, enabling you to apply for a job, manage financial operations, or just hang out with friends under the drinking age. So if you’re in Germany, a driver’s license is a must-have.

Hard-pressed to get a driver’s license? Don’t fall into despair, as we are here to lend you a helping hand. Counterfeit Note Store is your trusted companion for a Swiss driver’s license, which looks and acts as a genuine document. We guarantee that no police officer will suspect a fake. All documents we produce are made using state-approved materials, according to Swiss standards.

Why go for a German driver’s license at Documents Solution Center? | Führerschein kaufen

You can now get everything online, and a driving license is no exception. But very few services offering you to purchase it in Germany can make it genuine.

Seize your genuine Swiss driver’s license from us to acquire a document that really works and looks like a real one. We guarantee:

  • Exceptional printing
  • Anonymous, discreet delivery
  • Free return in case of a mistake
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Listing in the Swiss database

Benefit from a time- and money-saving solution to your driving issues by turning to professionals. And you can leave your worries about being caught with a unreal driver’s license in Germany.

Provide us with personal data and wait until we produce, register, and ship the document right to your home. If you have any questions about our technology or pricing, you can expect a prompt reply 24/7. At Counterfeit Note Store, we never ask for your reasons but help you obtain the desired driving license in the shortest possible time.

Buy a German driver’s license without an exam

Obtaining a driving license in the usual way in Germany involves a lot of bureaucracy and requirements. But owning a German driving license has many advantages, as it is one of the EU driving licenses. Not to mention being mobile again. We make it easy for you to purchase and with us you can Driving license in Germany

, online and safe.

The many requirements and the time required to acquire a German driving license are so high that some people simply do not have the time to get it the usual way. The cost of German driver’s license are known to be very high and you can count on at least 2,000 euros. This of course depends on the individual as students often need extra hours.

These aren’t the only vices that buying a real German driving license online avoids:

  • You save yourself the trip to the authorities and submitting numerous documents
  • Participation in driving school lessons is not necessary
  • You can have one Buy a driver’s license without an exam in Germany
  • Significant time savings and significantly lower costs
  • Fast replacement for lost or broken driver’s licenses
  • Issuance also to customers with a ban/driving license withdrawal

Buy driving license in Germany – Secure order and delivery

We know that privacy is important to our customers and your order and all related data remain 100% anonymous. You don’t have to worry about your privacy when purchasing your new driver’s license. your new Germany driver’s license is not a fake like many other providers sell on the market, but a 100% legal, registered German driver’s license.

You don’t need to worry unnecessarily about exams and tests, because our driver’s licenses pass every examination. They are just as good as an ordinary one Driving license in Germany, even with passed exam tests. Carefree travel and safe crossing of borders are guaranteed. Your safety is guaranteed with our driving licenses.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist you with your purchase. Ordering is very easy, you tell us your desired class and all other relevant data for your driver’s license and we will start processing immediately.

Thanks to our well-established team and our key connections, you will receive your new one German driver’s license already in 3 days. This is particularly useful when there is a hurry, or when you are Driver’s license lost abroad, for example. After quick delivery of your Führerschein Once you have the license, nothing stands in your way and you can drive just like everyone else

German driving license where valid

The international driving license is also very important in Germany. This is because you can swap it with the German driving license. So if you have a driving license from other countries, especially from countries based in the EU zone (European Union), you can easily exchange it for a German driving license without taking an exam or an equivalency check. If you want to save yourself the stress of going to the town hall for your German driver’s license, you can simply contact us for an exchange. So if you are a foreigner who had a driver’s license from your home country, you can get a German driver’s license in just one step. More information about You will receive a German driver’s license under.

German passport:

We also provide registered and real German passports. Whether you are a German national or not, we can provide you with a German passport within 5 business days and send it straight to your door. We help people to get to Germany via the passport method. We will give you a German passport with proof of residence in Germany. With these documents you can travel to Germany from all parts of the world. The process is 100% guaranteed and many people have traveled this way. We are happy to help anyone who comes to Germany. We also help German citizens to renew their passport or replace missing passports.

German residence permit.

Are you new in Germany, did you come to Germany illegally? We can help you get legal German papers. We can also help you to obtain a valid German residence permit. With a residence permit you can live and work in Germany. You have as many rights and freedoms as if you were born in Germany, we can issue you a residence permit within 5 working days. And you will be a free man in Germany. We can also replace your lost German residence permit.

German Driving License

The German Driving Permit, commonly known as “Führerschein,” is an exceedingly regarded archive that gifts people the lawful right to drive engine vehicles in Germany. Managed by the German government, this permit symbolizes not as it were the capacity to work vehicles but too the flexibility, freedom, and duty that come with being a competent driver. In this comprehensive direct, we will investigate the different categories of the German Driving Permit, the application handle, and the benefits it presents to its holders.

Types of German Driving Licenses

  1. Class B (PKW Permit): The Lesson B permit is the most common sort of German Driving Permit, permitting holders to drive cars and vans weighing up to 3,500 kg. This Permit is the standard for private car driving.
  2. Class A (Cruiser Permit): The Lesson A permit licenses holders to ride cruisers with or without a sidecar. Distinctive subcategories (A1, A2, and A) exist depending on the motorcycle’s control yield and the rider’s age.
  3. Class C (Truck Permit): The Lesson C permit is for driving vehicles with an added weight surpassing 3,500 kg, essentially utilized for trucks.
  4. Class D (Transport Permit): The Lesson D permit permits holders to drive buses with a seating capacity of more than eight passengers.

Application Handle for a German Driving License

The application to prepare for a German Driving Permit includes the following steps:

  1. First Help Course and Vision Test: Before applying, candidates must undergo a first Aid test, to begin with a help course and experience a vision test to guarantee they meet the least vision requirements.
  2. Theory Preparing: Trying drivers must go to hypothesis classes and pass the hypothetical examination, covering street rules, activity signs, and security regulations.
  3. Practical Preparing: Candidates at that point get viable driving lessons from a certified driving educator to get ready for the driving test.
  4. Theoretical and Commonsense Tests: Once enough is arranged, candidates take the hypothetical and down-to-earth tests, assessing their information and driving skills.
  5. Issuance of the Permit: Upon fruitful completion of the tests, the German Driving Permit is issued to the candidate, permitting them to drive independently.

Driving in Germany with Outside Licenses

Citizens of certain nations can utilize their existing remote driving permits in Germany for a constrained period. Non-EU/EEA driving permit holders may be required to change over their permit to a German one after dwelling in Germany for a particular duration.

Privileges and Obligations of a German Driving Permit Holder

Holding a German Driving Permit comes with a few benefits and responsibilities:

  1. Driving Benefits: The German Driving Permit awards holders the opportunity to drive inside the license’s indicated vehicle categories, giving portability and convenience.
  2. Autonomous Travel: Permit holders can investigate Germany freely, travel to different goals, and encounter the country’s different landscapes.
  3. Road Security Commitments: Drivers must follow to all activity laws, take after speed limits, and prioritize security for themselves and other street users.
  4. Responsibility for Vehicles: Permit holders are dependable for keeping up their vehicles in roadworthy conditions and getting the vital protections coverage.
  5. Legal Compliance: Drivers must carry their driving permit and pertinent vehicle archives while driving to comply with legitimate requirements.


The German Driving Permit is more than fair a piece of documentation; it is a representation of opportunity and obligation on the streets. By going through the application handle, completing the required tests, and satisfying their obligations as drivers, people can gladly hold a German Driving Permit, engaging them to grasp a versatile and independent way of life in Germany. As drivers, they play a fundamental part in street security, guaranteeing a smooth and secure driving encounter for themselves and individual street clients. The German Driving Permit is not fair a permit to drive; it is a confirmation to the individual’s competence and adherence to street security standards.

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